Agriculture remains a core sector for global sustainability and economic growth. We invest in Mechanized farming and agriculture businesses to encourage exports and promotion of local contents in market products by which we are able to make agricultural products available at the cheaper rate and foster global relevance.


Mustardcoin alleviate poverty and eradicate hunger through profitable agricultural investments. Over 500million people in developing countries are living on less than $1 equivalent a day.

Mustardcoin invests in Agricultural lands- Over 100,000 acres of land available for profitable agribusiness

Mustardcoin is on a mission to give access to affordable quality agricultural products by up to 3 million people in developing countries through our SMEs investment

Mustardcoin invests in Poultry and livestock – Meat, egg and by-product producing and processing SMEs are supported for mass production and distribution at very cheap .

Mustardcoin is building sustainable partnership for growth and development with over 100 SMEs in the Agriculture value chain.

Mustardcoin invests in Agribusinesses – Producers and manufacturers of raw foods and food products, farm fresh produce, and processed foods.