Education is the bedrock of the nation

Bridging the educational gap with Mustardcoin

The 21st century knowledge solution

Education is a fundamental right for everyone and key to the future of any country. Education has its price everywhere—but the only thing more expensive than investing in education is not investing in education. Mustard team through research, mentorship and provision of educational support has found great prospects for economic growth.

Learning just got easier with Mustardcoin! To support education of young people, Mustardcoin will be providing over 1000 laptops at reduced cost. Over 500million people in developing countries are living on less than $1 equivalent a day.

Mustardcoin proposes to have an institution of learning in Nigeria. A gold standard citadel for basic education, vocational studies, continuous education, secondary and tertiary education. The financial unit of transaction being Mustardcoin. With tuition or training fee as low as 10MSC for a student. Scholarship grants for excellent students. Research on new innovations and bankable ideas are core educational investment that we do in partnership with well equipped institutes. Save now with our special educational offers in educational materials and services using Mustardcoin Investment in Books, E-books, Learning aids, Stationeries, Educational services; E-learning platforms, Educational Trainings and development programs