General Questions

Mustard its a coin for anyone from Enterpries and small business to individuals. Mustard coin is design to eradicate bunches of poverty in the society, and bring improvement to our health system and advance our technology to the next development face.

With the current world realities, there is no better option of prudent, productive and profitable financial exchange for consumers and product end users in developing countries than our Mustard coin. The ease of use, high competitiveness and value-for-money of MSC in business transactions is a perfect reason to use MSC. Strategically designed to raise people above poverty.

To invest in Mustard coins during the ICO follow these simple steps:

  • 1. Copy the address of Mustardcoins wallet Address from our website.
  • 2. Transfer the amount of ETH, BTC,LTC you want to invest to the address you copied in Step 1.
  • 3. Once your transaction is confirmed Mustard Coins will automatically be issued and assigned to your wallet Address.
  • Second Way of invest In mustard Coins
  • 1. Copy the address of Mustardcoins wallet Address from our website.
  • 2. click on exchanger you will see the List of all our exchangers
  • 3. you can buy mustard coins from our exchangers

MUSTARDCOIN: Digital Creative cryptocurrency on a targeted to turn the world of agriculture, Health and Technology into one of the most profitable investment ever and to improve lives and eradicate poverty among the masses. Mustardcoin is a formative of Health, Technology and agriculture-focused investment crypto currency that provides tailored capital and technical assistance solutions to commercially-viable small and medium-sized enterprises. Mustardcoin invests in such enterprises as part of its mission to metamorphosis Heath, Technology and agriculture-led inclusive economic growth in the world, and increase the amount of commercial capital available in those sector. The need for investing in those three (3) Sectors are on the increase side due to a rising global population and changing dietary preferences of the growing middle class in emerging markets toward higher value foods, not only on food but also to make them enjoy good health system with very cheap and affordable rate. The need for Technology Sector has prompted to focus more in it by investing richly in it, promoting the sectors is our priority hereby we plan to improve in its production and make it available to the end user/ masses at a subsidized rate and we make sure we fight poverty to the code. MustardCoin, a multi-stakeholder crypto currency program is fully funded by Mustard team, investors and supporters from all around the Globe, aiming at providing full technical assistance to financial institutions in developing countries to improve their capabilities in lending to the agricultural sector, Health Sector and Technology Sector.

The young Talented youth in the West africa and Asia, that want improvement in the society.

Mustard technology

For daily Basic transaction and improvement the Economic of a country

Make sure you have an account with mustard after that you are good to go!

We expect that the first users of Mustardcoins will be individuals and companies who are already involved in cryptocurrency-based businesses, because they are more aware of the advantages of this technology:

  • • Miners can create equipment supply contracts, cloud mining power rental contracts;
  • • Blockchain-based companies may use contracts for providing services and/or employment contracts;
  • • Exporters and importers can make international supply deals with Mustard Coins;
  • • Peer to peer transaction.
  • • Payment for Goods and services
  • • Freelancing securely without involving third parties
  • • Renting hotel rooms with IoT devices (smart locks)
  • • Car leasing with automatic payments
Wallets & Management

MSC is the symbol for MusatrdCoins (MSC) is the internal cryptocurrency of the service.

ICO starts on OCT 25, 2017.


YES.... Earn 30% Bonus from invitation worth of $500USD


Everyone can participate in our Coins cryptocurrencies and ICOs.

Going through our Know Your Customer (KYC) form is an optional procedure, which the company will apply on its own discretion in the following cases:
a) the user's express desire to conclude an agreement to buy a token in writing;
b) the appearance of doubts about the legality of the origin of the funds that are invested in the project.